Saham College of Health Sciences & Technology has two types of programmes, they are:-

  1. Course to be certified by their regulatory bodies and institutions; these are based on the requirements of the regulatory bodies/institutions by obtaining accreditation or by affiliation with another sister institution.
  2. Courses to be certified by the college; these are short courses that the college organized and develop their curriculum by putting standardization into consideration.

The college adopted the curriculum of the renowned regulatory bodies in the health sector, universities and specialty institutions. However, some academic are organized by the college on a rotating block schedule.


  1. Department of Biomedical Engineering
    • Certificate Biomedical Engineering
    • Diploma Biomedical Engineering
  2. Department of Community Health
    • Certificate Junior Community Health Extension Worker (JCHEW)
    • Diploma Community Health Extension Worker (CHEW)
    • Community Birth Attendants (CBA)
  3. Department of Dental Health
    • ND Dental Therapy
    • HND Dental Therapy
    • Dental Health Technician (DHT)
    • Certificate Dental Surgery Assistant(DSA)
  4. Department of Environmental Health
    • Certificate Environmental Health Assistant (EHA)
    • Environmental Health Technician (EVT)
    • HND Environmental Health Technology
    • ND Environmental Health Technology
    • ND Health Promotion and Education
  5. Department of Allied Health & Health Information
    • HND Health Information Management
    • ND Health Information Management
    • Health Information Technician(HIT)
    • Diploma Health/Medical Journalism
    • Diploma Public Health
  6. Department of Diagnostic and Medical Rehabilitation
    • Certificate X-Ray Assistant
    • X-Ray Technician
    • Medical Lab Technician
    • Medical Lab Assistant
    • Diploma Physiotherapy
  7. Department of Continuing Education and Remedial Studies
    • First Aid and Certified Ambulance Driving Training
    • Food Vendors/Hawkers Capacity Building
    • Certificate in Medical Terminology
    • Certificate in NGO Management
    • Certificate in Nutrition
    • Remedial Studies